Witness the Transformation 

“ I came across Shade’s website and her book while looking for a web designer.  I knew I needed to read her book and to work with her as I felt that my core father wounds were a huge thing that needed to be healed in order for me to truly move forward with launching my business into the world.  It was without a doubt the best investment I have ever made in myself!  Shade is a true healer, a wonderful support system and I am a better person through experiencing her transformational coaching and her love. “  

--Ariele Andrakin, CEO, www.alchemywithariele.com

“I broke up with my boyfriend halfway through the Get Free Stay Free Lifestyle program with Shade. No, trust me. He was the worst. I realized I was making excuses for him all the time and totally in love with potential. She said don’t listen to his words. Just look at what he has done. Who has he SHOWN you he is. And I honestly couldn’t remember anything other than a lot of sweet talk with no real dates, support, or involvement in my life. I thought I was crazy for a minute! Then Shade helped me realize my relationship with my father was over the phone and he never came to any of my events, birthdays, or important life moments. A light bulb went off big time. This all-talk no-action was a cycle repeating in my friendships and relationships. It honestly felt SO good to call him and say, I’m leaving you because I want so much more than you can give. A few weeks later, I got a promotion at work that I really wanted AND I feel like a straight-up love magnet. Shade is amazing. Book the intro call. You won’t regret it.”

--Michelle Salazar

"I found Shade’s book at a time when I was beyond broken. Fresh out from a heartbreak. And I do mean FRESH. My live in boyfriend of 3 years moved out while I was at a work and left me a note. It felt like everything was standing still. I called a friend over because I didn’t want to be alone in there and she brought me Shade’s book. I read it all in one night. There were so many parallels in our lives. Six hours earlier, my heart was shattered. After reading her book, I saw my ex had done me a favor. I was trying to make him into someone else. I became her client the next day and she helped me completely re-categorize and re-organize my entire life. Now I’m running my own business (what?!) and I love every second of it. I’m actually having FUN dating. I used to feel desperate and tired and like PLEASE can one of you just work out already? UGH. And now? That was night and this is day. I’m actually enjoying my life. That is a revolution for me.  No more drudgery. Instead, so much joy. I’m probably gonna have to explain to my future husband why our first born will be named Shade regardless of the gender. I’m so grateful to her and pretty sure she’s an angel.”

--Leila Ondren

“I never realized that I only dated men who didn’t want to commit or put a title on things. My dad also never claimed me as his child. I never put those two things together before. I didn’t think they meant anything or belonged in the same box. You helped me see that Little Brooke was just trying to reconcile that hurt and was attracted to men who reminded her of her dad. That was my definition for love. Not anymore. I’m so glad I did this work. I still have more to do but I’m just so glad to have gotten started now.”

--Brooke L.