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The Get Free Stay Free Course is about helping you figure out how you’ve been actively participating in your own painful patterns and giving you the tools you need to stay free of self-sabotage. 


Why should you purchase this course? Because IT'S TIME.


IT IS TIME to start addressing how you were affected by how you were raised.

IT IS TIME to find the lies you've been telling yourself are true.

IT IS TIME to acknowledge how low self esteem is affecting your dating choices.

IT IS TIME to heal the link between your father-daughter relationship and your self worth.

IT IS TIME to change that one guy's contact name in your cell phone to "God has better for me" or "Someone Else's Husband." 

IT IS TIME to stop responding to messages from so called friends who hurt you repeatedly and who are likely jealous of you.

IT IS TIME to step out on a limb and find something that makes you feel incredible joy, knowing that it will be the scariest-best thing you've ever done and it will require you to grow along the way.

IT IS TIME to get the help you need, be bold enough to ask a mentor to hold you accountable, and LIVE.

IT IS TIME for you to truly, soulfully know that you don't have to become what you've endured; you can have a better, more abundant, more insanely gorgeous and love-filled life than you ever thought was possible. And I want to help you get there.

You have this one beautiful life. The only thing you have to lose is that which is binding you.



five weeks of Heartwork 

video workshops

journal prompts and writing exercises

meditations and healing rituals


  Price: $199 or $100 for students with .edu email

So let's get healing. 

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