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The Get Free Stay Free Lifestyle is for the unstoppable woman. She is in relentless pursuit of her freedom and will not stop until she breaks through. She knows she has to call in her worth before her divine union. She is ready to walk this earth in full abundance as the radiant child of God she truly is.

GFSF is a twelve-week intensive one-on-one coaching program. It’s you and me in the trenches, figuring out how you’ve been actively participating in your own pain and patterns. It is my life's work to help you get free and give you tailor-made tools in 8 areas of your life so you can stay that way. 

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Close your eyes and imagine the best version of yourself possible.

What does she look like? What is she wearing?

How is she holding herself? What is she doing since she’s not afraid?

What would you be, do, have if you felt worthy? Write it down.

In your best life, what would you be, do, and have?

That’s who you really are. Now let go of every lie, everything that doesn’t believe in that version.


Let go? That sounds good. But how??

Making art out of letting go is what the Get Free Stay Free Lifestyle is all about. You’ll be releasing and letting go of pathologies, memories, habits, ideologies you’ve possibly been holding on to since you were a little girl. There are friendships, habits, clothing, furniture, jewelry, people, places and things that won’t survive this process.

That warrants ceremony.

There aren’t enough ceremonies in American culture if you ask me and this kind of radical self-love realization calls for one that feels good and is beautiful to you. I believe getting free is a sacred process that deserves to be entered into with reverence. This program is also meant to acknowledge that you need real support and accountability to pull this off. You can’t catapult from one reality to the next and magically be a brand new you after you read a great book or watched an inspiring video on YouTube. If you want to be the BEST version of yourself possible, you first need to get clear about what you want and then you'll need support and accountability from a trusted mentor to get there.

Because your external world is a reflection of your internal world. Period. No exceptions. First things first, you have to take full responsibility if your external world is a mess that’s making you miserable. No what if's or if only's or Mom this or my ex that. If there are insufficient funds, an unsatisfying career, a bunch of frenemies and your love life is a mess, you have to STOP and pour in all the love you needed as a child that would have never let you arrive at such a violent adult existence.

You deserve more than trying to survive a life of violence against yourself.

I built this program to be the "stop and pour in" point.

The Get Free Stay Free Lifestyle is a twelve-week intensive one-on-one coaching program to get you to the goal of authentic self-love. It’s you and me in the trenches, figuring out how you’ve been actively participating in your own pain and patterns.

My goal is to give you the tailor-made tools you need so you can stay free of self-sabotage, committed to your own worthiness and ready to enjoy an abundant life aligned with your mission and values.


When we work together, we will shift 8 central aspects of your life and find the key blocks you have built up against love and abundance. We'll find the ways you are hurting yourself and teach you to forgive yourself and MOVE FORWARD. We'll learn the ways you need to be taken care of, loved on and shown up for. We'll learn the ways you need to do that for yourself. These 12 weeks will change your life and your internal voice in profound and palpable ways. 

Every week, we’ll get together and walk through a curriculum I’ll custom build just for you after our first two sessions. This signature program is my second baby; the pinnacle of who I really am and what I have to offer. Quick background: all my life I wanted to be a doctor until I realized I’d have to be a part of a deeply compromised healthcare system. So this program came to life as it dawned me that I don’t want to be a physical doctor; I want to holistically talk about healing your life. I want to discuss the ovarian cysts and the stress you’ve been holding on to for years in your neck and low back and how unworthiness left over from your relationship with your dad is showing up in jealous friends, back to back noncommital boyfriends and your unwillingness to set a budget. They’re all connected. And it’s time we stop pretending like they’re not. 

What You'll Get

  • 1 weekly hour long call with me
  • In between: you’ll have heartwork homework, reading assignments, meditations, custom mantras and yoga sequences, healing ceremony assignments, referrals for alternative medicine, essential oil and crystal purchases to make, book suggestions, nutrition counseling, and probably smoothie recipes.


Because you can’t wait to become the woman you're meant to be later. Love yourself enough to become her NOW.

Are you ready? Of course you're not. Do it anyway. Do it afraid. Do it because you've been longing for change, love, peace, success, comfort, joy for long enough. You've been on the outside looking in for long enough.

I’ve learned so much over the years I’ve committed to my own growth and healing and I want to share it with as many women as I can. Truth? As much as I loved creating a course to share with hundreds of women, I deeply believe in our individuality and the power of one-on-one/heart-to-heart time.


The Curriculum

We’re covering everything because if you don’t believe you’re worthy, everything is affected. Ev-er-y-thing? Woman, YES. Errything.

We’ll consciously create a new reality for you that you love to live with. We’ll do the work to get free together and give you a vision and roadmap to get there so you can stay free once the program ends. You’ll have so many tools in your toolbox those old bad habits and crutches won’t even make sense any more.

Here are the topics we’ll cover in our three months together; each topic gets a week of airtime unless otherwise noted:

Getting to Know You (2 weeks)

Childhood Unpack (2 weeks)


Nutrition and Exercise

Money and Finances



Relationships (2 weeks; one month for friends and family and one month for romance)

Self-Care (wait, that’s different from self-love? YES. It’s the fuel you need to feel love from yourself and it has to be tailor-made to who you are. It's how you'll maintain what you've learned and what tools you'll use when so you can STAY FREE. We'll address every pattern, cycle, repetition and trigger that usually spins you back into familiar dysfunction and give you a new way to do life instead. That’s why my advice on it comes last; it’s when I know you best.)

Your actions, your relationships, your choices, your thoughts, your decisions, your current living situation reflect what you are ready for. Do you want more than what you’ve got? Good! You’re human. Which means you are beloved and cherished by a creator who wants you to have everything on your wish list.

God wants to bless you and give you what your heart desires. Holy Spirit is looking for a way. Always. The universe is always pushing you towards more and more love. You can start working with this pushing process, instead of fighting against it, by honoring who you are.

So…What do you want?

You already know. Let’s figure out how to get your childhood pain out of the way so you can have all the love joy peace and abundance your one heart can hold.

You're worth it. Let's do this.


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I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but I am a healer. I refuse to pretend to be confused about who I am or disqualify myself from this calling. I went to Columbia and Tulane, have a Master’s in Public Health, I did five years of research on how girls without dads are different than girls who do have dads; I've interviewed hundreds of women. I gained a profound understanding of the different ways women are wonded by their fathers and then go on to live as if those wounds are the truth. This is my life's devotion: to bring an end to the unnecessary suffering caused by unworthiness. I’m a hardcore yogi and a certified yoga teacher; and I wake up every morning trying to be more like a carpenter from the plains of Galilee. If that’s not enough for you, please find another coach and mentor. If you want to challenge my credentials to do this work, it’s not the right program for YOU. And that’s ok. This is for the woman whose heart has been leaping in her chest and tears have been brimming in her eyes since she read the words “you deserve more than trying to survive a life of violence against yourself.” I’m her mentor. If you made it this far, you just may be assigned to me and it is the calling on my life to see you come to the light.