Say No with Confidence

One of my dreams for all women and therefore one of my goals for each of my clients, is that they learn to so say no to men with confidence. And if it comes down to it, to let them go with confidence. There is a great big, beautiful, abundant world out there full of love. Don’t settle. Be assured of your own priceless worth, unique beauty and amazing strength. Let the ones who don’t want to stay GO. Let the ones who hurt you and make you cry GO. Let the ones who lie to you GO. Let the ones who cheat on you GO. Let the ones who aren’t ready GO.

Start thinking of every relationship and interaction like you’re signing a contract. Because you are. The good news is contracts have clauses. You don’t have to hold up your end of the bargain while they don’t. That’s a violation of terms. Get crystal clear on your terms so you know when you’re being violated. So when you see the flirty text pop up on his phone after you’ve been together for six months, you don’t go back and forth, you don’t second guess, you don’t call all your friends and end up defending him when they’re rightfully outraged for you. Flirting with other women while in an exclusive relationship is a violation of terms. When you let the violators go, you make space for new connections that feel good by releasing the ones that don’t. Don’t let the ones who hurt you take up space in your heart, head or house. They’re just blocking your good and killing your joy.