One on One Mentoring

One-on-One with Shade

Format: Phone Call/Zoom/Whatsapp

In an effort to be the voice I needed to hear, I offer mentoring for Young Women, Women, Men, Survivors of trauma, neglect and sexual abuse, Divine Union and the stages of romantic partnership inside of the New Paradigm. I offer discounts for young people think speaking to a woman who had a similar story to mine would have been an outright revolution in my life prior to age 25.

If you think being in conversation with me might change your life, let’s do it. I’d love to hear your personal story and brainstorm about how to get you free. Let’s connect!

Click HERE to get your complimentary consultation on my calendar. Be sure to mention if you're a current college student.

Check out the Get Free Stay Free Lifestyle here for more info on my signature one on one mentoring program created specifically for women having issues with love and money issues AKA WORTH ISSUES.