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I use my own bumpy journey to the Ivy League to inspire young people that it's never too late to engage in their academic careers. I actually failed out of junior year of high school after terrible grades in sophomore year, took a year off before deciding to go back to high school and turn it all around. The only obstacle standing in the way of our dreams is our own fear.

I share my journey, embarrassing mistakes included with the wisdom I've gathered along the way, so that hopefully, you can avoid some of the bumps in the road I had to get over the hard way. Because ultimately, colleges do an incredible job of preparing you for a career...but what about how to save money, how to deal with a friend who's betrayed you, how to find your passions in life or get over a heartbreak? I do this because I want to answer those questions.

Providing the definition of consent is such an important part of mission. The main goal of this session is to allowing young men to see the effects of sexual assault that they might unknowingly commit and provide male survivors with resources they are so often denied.


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You CAN Go To College

The Strength of Sisterhood

What is Consent?



For College | For Sororities/sorority-sponsored events for college women

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For High School Audiences

For fraternities or other male audiences | Features  guest speaker--a male survivor of childhood abuse

• Choose Courage over Shame: My testimony

• There is Power in your Purpose: How to tap into your destiny

• The Purpose Project: Healing the Next Generation of young women for Christ

• Bible study: How to see your story in Daniel and Job

• I Am Worthy: an empowerment exercise about healing, prevention and recognizing signs of PTSD in friends, loved ones and self.

Courage Over Shame

For Churches, Conferences, Organizations & More

As a member of RAINN Speakers Bureau, I speak in various venues about sexual assault prevention and recovery including, domestic violence shelters, high schools, women's ministry groups, fraternities and even preschools.

For RAINN Speakers Bureau

For RAINN Speakers Bureau

My body belongs to me: geared towards audiences between the ages of 3-5

My Body & Me

Young Children Between 3-5

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